What does these Jewish Symbols Mean?

What does these Jewish Symbols Mean?

If a none Jewish people want to learn the Jewish knowledge and want to get into this nation, he must first know these symbols: Jewish star, Hamsa and Chai.

The Jewish star, or Star of David, is a classic option in necklace pendants, and they’re widely available in silver, gold and other materials.

In recent years, another symbol — the hamsa — has become increasingly popular in Israel and around the world. An eye embedded in a hand, the hamsa has Middle Eastern roots and is a sort-of good-luck charm. It is thought to ward off the “evil eye”.

The word chai, Hebrew for life, also is a popular Jewish symbol for jewelry. Each Hebrew letter has numerical value, and this two add up to “18”, that is why Jewish give charity or gifts by multiple of $18.

Interesting, isn’t it? Watch the video I found and learn more.



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