When is the passover for year 2019

passover festival of jews 2019

When is the passover for year 2019

What is Passover Festival?

Passover, also called Pesach (/ˈpɛsɑːx, ˈpeɪsɑːx/;from Hebrew פֶּסַח‬ Pesah, Pesakh), is a major, biblically derived Jewish holiday. Jews celebrate Passover as a commemoration of their liberation by God from slavery in ancient Egypt and their freedom as a nation under the leadership of Moses. It commemorates the story of the Exodus as described in the Hebrew Bible, especially in the Book of Exodus, in which the Israelites were freed from slavery in Egypt. According to standard biblical chronology, this event would have taken place at about 1300 BCE (AM 2450).

passover festival of jews 2019

Passover is a spring festival which during the existence of the Temple in Jerusalem was connected to the offering of the “first-fruits of the barley”, barley being the first grain to ripen and to be harvested in the Land of Israel.

When is the Passover for year 2019?

The holiday of Pesach, or Passover, falls on the Hebrew calendar dates of Nissan 15-22.

Pesach 2019 (Passover) falls out at sundown on Friday, April 19, and ends at nightfall on Shabbat, April 27.

Pesach in the Coming Years:

  • 2020: April 8-16
  • 2021: March 27-April 4
  • 2022: April 15-23


Some Activities during Passover.

  • Removing chametz.

Chametz is leavening, made from one of five types of grains combined with water and left to stand for more than eighteen minutes. The consumption, keeping, and owning of chametz is forbidden during Passover. Yeast and fermentation are not themselves forbidden as seen for example by wine, which is required, rather than merely permitted. According to Halakha, the ownership of such chametz is also proscribed.

passover festival of jews 2019

Well it is actually a protection for the harvested wheat when the spring comes. Keep away water and chametz from wheat.

The stores in Israel will also block the chametz, not selling them.

passover festival of jews 2019

  • Eating Matzah

A symbol of the Passover holiday is matzo, an unleavened flatbread made solely from flour and water which is continually worked from mixing through baking, so that it is not allowed to rise. Matzo may be made by machine or by hand.

This reminds me of the Moon Cakes consumed by Chinese people during the Mid-Autumn Festival.

passover festival of jews 2019

Because all bread will have Chametz during making, so people will not consume bread during passover, instead, Jews will have a very dry and handmade cake called Matzah.



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