A Kippah Components You want to know with picture


A Kippah Components You want to know with picture

A Kippah usually have the following parts:components you want to know with picture

1, Button.

Though nowadays it is very rare to use this button version kippot, but still there is needs.

2, Body.

Our kippah is mainly in 4 panels, which can be easily sewn and form a good shape to the head. There are also a 6 panels version.

3. Customized embroidery logo.

This is essential to make your kippah different with others. and a special gift for your clients friends, which can be treasured into their collections. SO make it different.

4. Binding.

Biding is a trim to hide all the panels seams, stitches, while sometimes, it is also a good decoration trim.

matching to body part is always correct, but you can use contrast color, or different fabrics, like this one use a soft satin fabric to make it stands out.


5. Contrast Stitches

In some case, clients would love to use contrast stitches to make kippot more standing out. like the following one use White contrast against navy.


6, Lining

  • white cotton twill is the mostly common used fabric for inside lining. it stands for purity.
  • Liberty cotton printed sheet is another common choice.
  • in dark color like black or navy, some will choose black lining, that is also very traditional.

7, Inside Print Label.

  • Printed Label can state the events, wedding or Mitzvah, names, and date of the events.
  • simple label is a white one.
  • the other choice can be satin or gross grain band.
  • and color of the print can be BLACK, NAVY, GOLD, SILVER.

8, Clips

A free clip is always in, and colors can ben silver, gold, or black.


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  • Einat Weizmann Reply

    I am looking for leather (not swede) kippot in grey with contrast stiching, do you have those? Thanks

    April 26, 2019 at 4:46 pm

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