Let Pro Tell you, which kippah should you wear

kippot pro to choose kippah

Let Pro Tell you, which kippah should you wear

What will be the best head cover for a new observant jew?

Due to complex situations of the Jews nation, sometimes, people are confusing when they facing to choose a kippah for himself, which color, what fabric, or how to wear.

Actually from the very beginning of the Jewish hat history, Jews usually wear scarves to cover their head, that’s the original meaning. So from the source of the kippah, you can wear anything on your head, just enough to cover it and the G-d will not see. And when the history moves on, the headwear they put on has a lot dramatic changes, till now to the shape of kippah, or yarmulke.

So if you don’t know too much knowledge about the Jews, and have to attend a Jewish religious occasion, you can choose something comfortable for yourself like a modern hat, regular hat, that will avoid misrepresenting yourself to others. A hat, a bandana, a cap that will be fine.

But if you’d like to stay within the community of traditional kippot, there is quite a range to choose from.

Let’s start from the Orthodox jews ways, the darker color you wear means your more respect to the g-d. So a black velvet kippah will be the first choice for those who remain the extreme orthodox way. And there is more, some people will add a black felt fedora to cover over the velvet kippah he wears. Yes actually they will wear 2 hats the same time. Or, somebody will only wear fedora hats without kippot underneath. So, If you don’t want to be mistaken for a very observant and knowledgeable member of the Jewish community, you should definitely avoid the black velvet kippah.

kippot pro how to choose kippahkippot pro how to choose kippah

Black Silk kippah tends to indicate the lowest level of observance within the Jewish community, which usually be given out as gifts for those don’t own a kippah, to weak the authority meaning of the man wearing it to attend synagogue or say blessings. So if you are new to Jewish observation and want to avoid being treat as a Jew with deep knowledge, you an choose a black silk kippah.

kippot pro how to choose kippah

Instead of the dark colored kippot, no matter they are leather, crochet or velvet, you can choose white or colorful kippot to imply a more modern outlook. Thus the Satin, or Linen fabric made kippot is the best choise. In it we prefer the linen fabric kippot, it has more colors to pick, and linen stands for natural and sacred, this will be a very good sign that you are just in a natural mode to practice Jewish learning.

kippot pro to choose kippah

Beside the color choose, there is some small detail can show your attitude to the Jewish customs. A kippah with an obvious crease in it probably indicates that the kippah spends more time folded in the wearer’s pocket than on his head. This usually means that the person is observant enough to want to cover his head while attending synagogue or saying blessings, but not all the time.

Well, actually you don’t need to worry about too much about choosing a kippah. Just pick what you want to wear, and keep practice your learning and shows your respect to the g-d, what the other people think about you is the lest thing you want to care about. And when asked, just be honest, and reply with what you know. You will have good luck.

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