Kippahs for all wedding ceremony guests, including non-jewish?

jewish wedding kippah baseket

Kippahs for all wedding ceremony guests, including non-jewish?

Should you prepare enough kippah/kippahs/kippot for all wedding ceremony guests, including non-jewish?

Nowadays, people are getting more and more international, and get loved and married to each other regardless of their religions, especially in the USA, a multination multi element combined country. People from all kinds of religions live together, though they have different believes, they still respect each other, like each other and love each other.

Of course, still there are small idea conflicts during daily life if a couple is in two religions, a very significant question is like this, when one is from Jewish and the other half is not, when having a wedding ceremony, should they prepare kippahs for all guests, including non-Jewish male clients?

wedding ceremony in synagouge

For the jewish part, he or she may request all the male guests to get a kippah in the basket and wear it so in this sacred wedding place, they will show the revere to the g-d. While in the non-jewish part, he or she may not get agree with that, especially he or she does not want their family members to feel obligated to have a kippah wear on.

While, in this case, as Kippah is a jewish tradition to show peoples revere to the g-d, to remind man that g-d is always above them, for jewish, they should wear. and for None-Jewish, just make them comfortable to make a decision at their own will.(read more about kippah meaning here)

If your wedding ceremony is held in some worship places, like in a synagogue, then the host should prepare enough kippot for people to wear, and don’t forget the women too. Women is encourage to wear kippah in these sacred places. Meanwhile, sometimes women will have a kippah too, as a keepsake.



And if it is just a normal wedding place, then a small sign with a kind remind will work better like this one:

The Kippah (yarmulke) is the traditional Jewish head covering. Regardless of whether you are Jewish, you may wear one if you are comfortable doing so.

with a basket of kippot and a sign, people will make their own choices. and as kippah is so well known by the world as a symbol of Jewish culture, most people will understand and show their respect if they know this is a jewish wedding. Juet make it clear that wearing it or not is their choice and make it comfortable for them to make decision, that nobody is obligated or offended.

jewish wedding kippah baseket

And another option is that you will have an usher to lead and give away kippahs to your guest, that he or she can explain the meanings of wearing a kippah.

At last, Kippotpro would suggest you to order enough for all the possible guests, if people already know that your wedding will be a jewish wedding, the mostly possibility is that they will show great interests to having such experience, especially when they would show their respect or best wished to the bride and groom, to present their sweet wishes to their success marriage, they will have a strong willing to participate into a traditional activity: wearing up a kippah.

So, by ordering online, from our site, you will found that kippahs for wedding is affordable in price, and high quality and have presented the best to your wedding.



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