Linen Kippot -Royal Blue

royal blue linen kippah

Linen Kippot -Royal Blue


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1, Select Fabric and its Color.

2, Send us art design, or give your name and we will design it for you for free.

3, select binding, same or contrast color, or different fabric.

4, confirm inner label print, name, color, and the date.

5, Done, we will make a sample and send you detailed picture to approve.

6, Bulk production, 7-15 days, depends on our schedule.

7, Free Shipment, 5-10 days shipping to different zone. some zone will have additional cost.

-There is shipping fuel surcharge $30 per package. this can’t be avoid. Some countries will have extra cost.

8, Don’t forget to leave us a great comment.

9, Customized goods, no return, please consult with us if you have any problem.

10, start from 50pcs, 50-99pcs with a small order process $35 per order. 100pcs will remove this cost.

    • (max file size 4 GB)

    you can leave message here,or send email to us. in email please mention the PO number.


Linen Kippot with tropical leaves lining

About lining

Black and white cotton twill lining is commonly used for 95% of our orders.

YS embroidery linen kippah

Printed lining(libetry lining) or bindings.

first you can refer to these fabrics

yarmulkes inner printing labelkipa-kippa-kippah-kippot-yarmuke-yarmulke-kipot-Skullcap-dome-yamulkes-Bar-Mitzvah

200k-kipa-kippa-kippah-kippot-yarmuke-yarmulke-kipot-Skullcap-dome-yamulkes-Bar-Mitzvah-Bar-Mitsvah-Mariage-weddingnavy linen kippah with liberty fabricwhite linen fabric customize kippot kippah3


tropical leaves and braches lining


Some Special lining


About Label:

lable is free to customize, have 2 material, and 4 colors.

font can be any font you like. also, can add some simple image.


About Print on lining:

to choose this option, it will cost $0.60/pc.

color can be any common color, but no more than 2 colors. mostly is monocolor.

Additional information

Logo Design


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