About Kippot Pro

factory workers

Kippot Pro is a brand of professional factory customize for Jewish Products. We have been in this business for 15 years. Export and OEM for clients all over the world.

As the Internet make earth distance shorter, we begin to think how we can get close to our final dear customers, and give our best priced goods and service to the hand of a happy client.

We are a factory, have 46 workers, 2 designers, a small team of expert sales, we know how to make good quality products.

For a long time people just buy from the local market for blank and ready made kippa kippot(plural), and with a very high price.

Kippot Pro has been exporting millions of kippot all over the world, we know how things are going.

People spend a lot of money but does not get the right service.

This is not right.

Let’s find the most money efficiency thing we could do. Customize your own kippot but with half or even less retail price! Why not?!

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